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Most agricultural related websites have poor SEO. Is your website one of them?


From our SEO research, we have found that the vast majority of agricultural dealer websites are performing poorly on major search engines. Is your website one of them? If so this can be down to poor SEO (search engine optimisation).

SEO is vitally important in ensuring you maximise your website and product visibility on search engines such as Google and will help your company and its products achieve a page one ranking if done with care and attention.

Farmgear Marketing are SEO experts and coupled with our vast experience of the agricultural industry, we can ensure that you stay ahead of your competitors through one our great value search engine optimisation packages, that have been carefully put together to help your website and products get found by more visitors through a Google search.


Farmgear Marketing SEO Serivces to the agricultural industry

Can you afford for your website and products not to be easily found via one of these searches?


Did you know for instance that Google now processes over 40,000 search queries every second on average, that’s 3.5 billion searches per day!!

Our keyword research and competitor analysis will help boost your website and product rankings significantly, giving you a huge advantage over your main competition.

To achieve this we use the most advanced SEO tools available on the market today and by using our SEO specialist knowledge and our SEO services and local SEO services, we can get your website and products ahead of the competition and get a much higher ranking on Google.

Whilst we provide our free basic SEO services when compiling your website and adding your products, to increase your product rankings even further you can bolt-on one of our great value SEO packages.


We offer four levels of search engine optimisation packages to our clients, all giving exceptional value for money and a quick return on investment:


Farmgear Marketing Seo Services Local SEO Services StandardStandard SEO Package:

When we create your new website project, we include this service for free as we build your pages and add your products etc.  We then offer training, Knowledge Base articles and a test website for you to refer to and practice with. This should help you to add your own content the ‘correct’ way.  However, if you do not have the time or inclination to carry on with this work once your site is live, we can offer an ongoing SEO work for you.

Farmgear Marketing Seo Services ExtraExtra SEO Package:

This package allows you to increase the effectiveness of your website’s on-page-SEO.  It includes everything in the Standard SEO Package plus more, including enhanced Local or eCommerce SEO services.

Farmgear Marketing Seo Services SEO Expert PremiumPremium SEO Package:

This package allows you to increase the effectiveness of your website’s on-page-SEO.  The Premium package includes everything in the Standard and Extra SEO Packages plus more.

Farmgear Marketing Seo Services SEO Specialist UltimateUltimate SEO Package:

This package includes everything you can possibly need to increase the chances of you reaching high rankings.  The Ultimate package includes everything in the Standard, Extra and Premium SEO Packages.  The rest is tailored individually on a client by client basis.

Our Client SEO Packages