Why not automate uploading your wholegoods and parts stocks to your website?


Farmgear Marketing can provide you with a fantastic automated solution for your ecommerce website, as we can offer a complete Catalyst integration, as well as integration into Sage and Khaos Cloud.

These are a great IBCOS alternative and can offer big savings to your company and automate many of the processes that are currently being done manually.

Our Catalyst integration for the Platinum software will allow you to upload your wholegoods and parts stocks to your ecommerce website, so your stocks are always live.  It will also process the orders back into your Platinum software for complete automation.

Integration into your business software has many advantages including cost-savings and improvements to staff efficiency.


Farmgear Marketing Catalyst, Sage and Khaos Cloud Integration


Streamline your whole process from start to finish!


With our Ecommerce integration package, now you can really improve the efficiency of your whole company and your staff as well as give your site visitors a much greater buying experience.

Integration has many positives for your business including:

  • Reduced operating costs
  • Increase in revenue
  • Improved staff efficiency
  • Streamline your online and offline business
  • Upload wholegoods and stock automatically
  • Improve customer relations
  • Your customers will see live stock quantities so there is no over-ordering
  • Reduce back-orders from your ecommerce shop

Your business and customers will both benefit enormously from our Catalyst integration, Sage and Khaos Cloud integration and you can easily achieve a much quicker return on investment too.

Bolt-on one of our great value SEO packages and your site visitors will quickly find your products on Google with minimal effort.