Farm Diversification

Could Farm Diversification breathe a new lease of life into your business?


For many farmers and agricultural dealers, farm diversification is a brilliant way to improve cashflow and reach a new target audience.

There are many farm diversification ideas that have proved successful, but to help market your project, Farmgear Marketing can help you achieve this with great success.

Some farm diversification examples could be:

  • A new Country store
  • A farm shop and restaurant
  • Farm toy shop
  • Bed and Breakfast
  • Holiday home rental
  • A park farm

Farm business innovation is a great way of adding another revenue stream and reaching out to new customers who wouldn’t normally deal with you.


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A Farm Shop is a great way of bringing in new customers to your business and is becoming more popular with shoppers who want to buy fresh produce from your farm.


How can Farmgear Marketing help you to market your new venture?


With an array of brilliant marketing tools at our disposal, whether you need a farmers website or a full blown ecommerce website, we can provide you with all you need to successfully market your farm diversification ideas and reach a new audience.

Our expertise will ensure your new venture can be every bit as successful as you have planned for.

We can supply more than just brilliantly designed websites, as we can provide all your print materials including outside banners, forecourt and teardrop flags, brochures, price labels, brochures and much more.

With our industry experience and talented design team, we can help make your farm diversification ideas become a reality!