Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the questions our clients ask us on a regular basis.  Our FAQs section is designed to help answer your questions in clear and simple English.

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What is a mobile friendly and responsive website?

Why your website must be mobile friendly.


Having a mobile friendly (or responsive) website is a necessity in today’s’ fast paced internet world.

There are many positive reasons that your site should be mobile friendly, but the most important is that your site visitors will expect it and be more likely to visit your site and stay on it.

As more and more people now use their mobile device to view websites (over 60% now browse via their mobile device over traditional devices such as PC’s and laptops), not having a mobile friendly site could be the difference between gaining a new customer or losing potential custom.

Also having a mobile friendly site will improve your ranking on Google, therefore giving your business a more prominent position on search engines and increasing your sites’ visibility, as Google will rank mobile friendly websites higher than non-mobile friendly websites.

We also call these sites ‘responsive’, because the site itself will adapt to suit the screen size it is being viewed on, for a much greater browsing experience for your site visitors.

What are templated websites?

Templated websites will save you time and money.


Having one of our fantastically designed templated websites will mean you not only save money, but get your website up and running much quicker.

As the site as already been designed, this means we only need to add the content such as, images, logos, text, graphics, etc.

This will therefore reduce our time to complete, which will save you money and also get your new website ‘live’ much quicker.

Do I have to take a templated design?

We also provide bespoke websites.


You don’t have to take one of our templated designs and you can have your own bespoke website design.

Of course, as it is not a pre-designed template, the cost will be more than if you were to take a templated design, because we have to design and develop your site from scratch.

To talk to us about a Bespoke website package, please contact us and we will be glad to discuss your requirements in more detail.

There are endless choices of how your new site can look and our experienced design team will ensure you get a website that not only looks stunning, but has all the features you require to suit your business model and is fully optimised to Google.


What happens to my website if I change my main franchise?

Changes to your main franchises?


We understand that sometimes there may be a change in one or more of your main franchises.

If this is the case it could mean that your website colour schemes will need to be changed, along with home page images, logo changes and franchised page text.

This is not a problem for you or for us.  At Farmgear we understand that a change to a main franchise is often part of challenges your business is faced with.

Although these changes will be provided by us free of charge, you may decide that it would be a great opportunity for you to think about taking on a whole new design to freshen up your website to reflect this new challenge.

Your site visitors will see straight away that you have taken on a new franchise and that your business has embraced the change, but it’s still ‘business as usual’.

If you do decide to take a new website design, as an existing client, we will give you a 40% discount off the project price.

What is dedicated hosting?

Speedier websites and a faster browsing experience for your site visitors.


Dedicated hosting means that we use our own server to host your website on.  This allows us configure it to suit the needs of your website and the resources it will need.

This allows us to give much better support, faster opening web pages on your site and configure extras like spam filtering and higher levels of security, etc.

This is opposed to having a ‘shared’ server, which a lot of other web companies use as it is often cheaper.

The downside of having a shared serve, is that you will be sharing your website resources with lots of other websites from other web companies and will have no idea what resources (including bandwidth and disk space) they will need or are using.

For instance, one of the other websites may require lots of traffic and bandwidth at certain times of the day and this can significantly slow your site and web pages down or even mean your website goes down.

Most ‘shared’ servers, even those that claim to be unlimited, often have fair usage policies and limits on bandwidth and disk usage which could mean if your site exceeds either of these it could go down.

Our dedicated server is based in the UK, with 24/7 UK support, 99.99% uptime and constant performance monitoring to ensure your website is available to your customers with the minimal chance of disruption.


Google will start to rank websites with faster loading pages much higher.


Do you know where your current website is hosted or whether it is on a shared server or dedicated server?

Chances are you don’t. Why would you? You trust your web company to sort all this and as long as your website is visible, then that is all that matters. Right?

Unfortunately this will soon not be the case, as Google will start to rank websites higher based on their page loading speeds.

This will mean it becomes more crucial to know how your current website is hosted.

By taking one of our website packages, you get a dedicated server as standard and therefore Google will not penalise you or your website.

We have previously used shared hosting as it is much cheaper, but our customers complained bitterly that their websites were slow to load and visitors were complaining how long it would take for web pages to open.

We no longer use shared hosting for any of our sites and our customers have seen increased their visitors and sales enquiries because of this.

Can you afford to have a slow loading website?


Why should I use Farmgear Marketing?

Our agricultural experience means we understand your business.


Even though we were formed in 2004, our experience of the agricultural industry goes back to early 1990.

We know how volatile the industry can be and how changes to your franchises and business model can change frequently.

As we understand the industry and farming in general, this means we can pretty much work unaided in building your new site and only ask for specific information about your business, meaning we are not ‘pestering’ you every few minutes for information.

We will also know how best to optimise your website to ensure it gets maximum exposure on Google, helping to get onto page one quickly and to increase site visitors.

We also understand how terminology in the industry is often different and this can improve your product visibility on the web and reduce confusion for your visitors.

Our experience and expert knowledge will ensure your website and your products and services gain maximum exposure on search engines, to increase site visitors and brand awareness to the maximum potential.



What is Search Engine Optimisation and why is it so important?



Get your website, your stock machinery and your products found quickly on Google!


Search engine optimisation or SEO as it’s more commonly referred to, is the process of helping to make your website appear higher up in the results of search engines like Google for instance.

But it requires a good knowledge and understanding of search engine algorithms, which can be quite an undertaking as they are ever-changing and because of this, most people have very little understanding of what it takes to rank highly in search engines.

While having lots of quality content is great for informing your customers of your products and services and getting users to visit your site, unfortunately it won’t be found on its own.

SEO is what helps users find your website and products in the first place, and even the best content is useless if no one ever sees it! And that can be the difference between attracting lots of targeted website traffic to your website or getting lost among the tens of thousands of other sites on the Internet that can be similar to yours.

Try to think about the last time you used Google for instance. Most likely you was looking for something in particular. So how did you find what you were looking for and how did you find that exact page? Most likely it was through a search phrase as opposed to an individual word.

For example ‘Used Case Tractor and Quicke Front Loader’ as opposed to just ‘used tractor and loader’.

We are learning that to get more defined results we need to be more specific with our search terms to filter out the tens of thousands of sites that do not necessarily specialise in what you are looking for and with huge online marketplaces like Ebay to compete with, you need to carefully consider what are your focused keywords (i.e. the search terms people are most likely to type in).

Getting this right is just the start, but you need consistency too with the focused keywords throughout the site for your pages and your products and even your images.

There is a skill to effective SEO, but the rewards can mean that customers find your site and your products first. Couple this with a professional and well constructed site and the chances are that they will buy from you first and more likely return again and again.

Get it wrong and you can get lost amongst the millions of other sites on the internet who are chancing poor SEO and hoping customers will ‘stumble’ across their site.

Effective SEO can also reduce your marketing costs too as if your customers can find your website and products quickly, then this can reduce the need for a large marketing spend.