Brand Identity

Does your brand identity make your business stand out?


Or does your corporate branding simply blend in with the competition?  Building a successful brand identity takes time and considerable effort.  The rewards can be that you get instant brand recognition from customers and potential customers.  Which in turn allows your business to stand out from the competition.  Successful brand design can include rebranding an existing design or starting your brand identity design from new.

It is easy to demonstrate the power of corporate branding.  Just look at the logos below.  You instantly recognise them all, yet they do not even have any text on them!


Farmgear Marketing Brand Design Brand Identity Design


Do your customers and potential customers see you locally as a recognised brand?

World domination is unlikely to be your goal brand wise.  However, being a well known brand locally is definitely worth aiming for.  If your customers and, almost more importantly, your potential customers recognise your brand it will sit in their subconscious.  When the times comes to buy they will think of you, as they already ‘know’ you.  It will also help if the corporate branding makes it clear business product and service offerings are.



Farmgear Marketing Brand Identity Design Brand Design


Is your brand identity helping shape your business and its future success?


Whilst many business owners do not have the budget for high priced advertising, this does not mean that you cannot create a simple, low-cost, but effective brand identity design.  And in the digital age the playing field has been levelled greatly.  It is important to have your brand design appear consistently across all marketing channels.  Regardless of whether it is large scale corporate branding or a small family run business needing to achieve a higher level of brand identity.

When a business gains a good level of brand identity, their marketing and advertising campaigns will mean something to their audience.  A higher level of brand identity design typically equates to higher sales and more positive sales leads. It can also increase your market share.

Your corporate brand encapsulates up your company name, logo, product and service offerings into an experience for your audience and customers.  It is an aspect of businesses that consumers come to trust.  And trust places your business ahead of your competitors.

There are many ways in which Farmgear Marketing can create a successful brand design identity for you. Contact us today and we will help you understand why brand design and brand identity are vitally important to your business and its future success.   Then we will help you achieve a successful brand design identity to become ‘famous’ locally.