Agricultural Market Experts

Do you want to work with the agricultural market experts?


The agricultural industry is like no other.  The challenges faced can be many and unpredictable.  Farmgear have positioned themselves as agricultural market experts to help you grow your business and deal with the unexpected.

Farmgear itself was formed in 2004, but our experience and knowledge of the agricultural industry goes way back to 1990.  This means we understand your business and its challenges better than anyone else.  And our head designer has been building websites since 1999.  Our head of IT Support has been providing qualified assistance since 2004.

Since Farmgear agricultural market experts started we have gone on to supply major machinery manufacturers and suppliers.  We achieve this by offering a range of innovative online marketing solutions to help them and their dealer network sell more of their new and used machinery, plus their spare parts stock.



Farmgear Marketing Agricultural Market Experts


Do you want reliable help when faced with a fresh challenge?


In an ever-changing industry, we understand the daily pressures you face in meeting your customer expectations.

As agricultural market experts we have the experience of both the agricultural industry and the internet.  And that is why we are the only company who can help you and your business meet the demands of today’s modern farmer and contractor.

We know that your company can face demanding challenges on a daily basis which can affect cashflow including changes to your new sales franchises, money tied up in stock machinery, redundant parts or overstocked parts and having to provide extra support during critical harvest seasons.

So at Farmgear Marketing it is all about providing you with the widest choice of solutions available to meet these challenges head on, to free up more of your cash, retain existing customers, reach new customers and provide stability, now and in the future.


Do you know what your customers expect of your business in today’s ever-changing market?


We understand that you may have a diverse range of customers, from a farmer to a contractor, a smallholder and even a homeowner wanting to buy garden equipment from you.

These customers will expect your business to be able to meet their expectations and at a time that suits their needs. If you do not meet their expectations, you risk losing that customer to a competitor who is prepared to meet them.

Loyalty to a product or a company is being challenged like never before with the ability to quickly access information via the internet and social media.

Your customers have many choices when it comes to buying machinery and parts because of this, so now more than ever is the need to fully engage with your customers and build up strong brand loyalty.

We can give you all the tools you need to do this, to ensure your business is in a position to deal with any challenges however big or small and exceed all your customers expectations.